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SGC eTEC E&C delivers a wide range of projects worldwide,

ranging from production facilities to power plants,
civil, buildings, and housing complexes.

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Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

SGC eTEC E&C Code of Ethics
The purpose of this code of ethics is to define the standards of integrity that all employees must abide by, and in doing so, cultivate a culture of integrity within SGC eTEC E&C

SGC eTEC E&C Code of Ethics

  • Responsibilities towards Clients

    • 1. We shall uphold all promises to clients and do not engage in unfair trade practices.
    • 2. We shall make every effort to ensure customer satisfaction by meeting all client requirements, and by handling all complaints promptly.
    • 3. We shall not reveal client information to any persons outside of the company without the client’s consent.
    • 4. We shall not abuse our position in the marketplace to engage in unfair trade practices.
  • Responsibilities towards Shareholders

    • 1. We shall maximize shareholders’ profit through efficient management practices and transparent decisionmaking processes.
    • 2. We shall make all appropriate disclosures in a timely fashion pursuant to all national and local laws and regulations.
    • 3. We shall endeavor to reflect the opinions of minority shareholders in our management practices.
  • Fair Work Practices

    • 1. Employees shall conscientiously perform all work in a fair manner; where there is no company policy or the policy is ambiguous, employees shall rely on their judgment to execute such work in a fair and transparent manner.
    • 2. Employees shall not give inappropriate favors to anyone related to their work.
    • 3. Employees shall not receive any gifts or other consideration whose value exceeds what is considered a social and cultural norm. However, when unavoidable in the course of the performance of their work, employees shall seek counsel from the appropriate sources within the company.
    • 4. Employees shall not engage in any activities which may create a conflict of interest, including but not limited to the following:
      ① Transactions involving the employee’s personal business and SGC eTEC E&C or its vendors and suppliers
      ② Transactions involving the employees themselves or a related third person and SGC eTEC E&C or its vendors and suppliers
      ③ Any part-time or full-time secondary work which may interfere with the employees job at SGC eTEC E&C
    • 5. Any conflicts related to the local community, the press or other NGOS shall be reported immediately and accurately to avoid unnecessary escalation.
  • Responsibilities towards Colleagues

    • 1. Employees shall actively cultivate a culture of respect.
    • 2. Employees shall not damage the reputation of SGC eTEC E&C as honorable members of society.
    • 3. Employees shall not engage in political activities as employees of SGC eTEC E&C. Employees may engage in political activities as individuals, but this shall in no way be construed as sanctioned by SGC eTEC E&C.
    • 4. Employees may not order other employees to engage in activities which are in violation of national and local laws and regulations or violate company policy. Anyone ordered to do so is entitled to refuse such orders without penalty.
    • 5. Employees shall not provide or receive inappropriate favors or gifts and other consideration for such favors.
  • Responsibilities towards the Company

    • 1. Employees shall not unjustly profit in any way using the company’s resources or proprietary information.
    • 2. Employees shall not use the company’s resources for personal use. Any monies spent on personal matters shall not be billed to the company.
    • 3. Employees shall exercise reasonable care when managing budgets.
    • 4. Employees shall not reveal any proprietary information gained in the course of their work to outsiders.
    • 5. Employees shall not use the firm’s network for purposes unrelated to the performance of their duties.
  • Responsibilities towards Society

    • 1. Employees shall make every effort towards the conservation of the environment.
    • 2. For the safety of all stakeholders, employees shall take all necessary safety precautions and comply fully with all national and local safety regulations.
    • 3. Employees shall actively engage in community service and/or disaster relief efforts.
  • Compliance

    • : All employees shall comply fully with the above code of ethics. Managers and executive officers shall be obligated to ensure compliance.
    • 1. Any employee who comes to know of a violation of the code of ethics shall immediately report such violations to the appropriate department within the company.
    • 2. Any employee who is in violation of the code of ethics shall be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.
    • 3. Anything not specifically defined in this code of ethics shall be discussed with the appropriate department.