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SGC eTEC E&C delivers a wide range of projects worldwide,

ranging from production facilities to power plants,
civil, buildings, and housing complexes.

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Quality Management System

SGC eTEC E&C engages systematic Quality improvement activities to maximize the technical competence and to subsequently maximize Customer Satisfaction.
In a bid to become a world class Global EPC Contractor, SGC eTEC E&C proactively engages in Quality improvement activities through effective Quality Management System based on long term accumulated experience and know-how.
  • Establishment and enforcement of Quality Management System
  • Realization of Customer Satisfaction
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  • Minimize defects
  • Solution for customer dissatisfaction
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Quality Policy

We, SGC eTEC E&C Limited, in , in order to provide the Best Service and Customer Satisfaction based on our Quality standards and Know-how, establish and implement the following Quality Policy

  • 1. Establish a principle and fundamental complying Quality culture by setting the optimal Quality Management System
  • 2. Meet the delivery and provide optimal Quality based on our ‘Customer focused’ Quality Management.
  • 3. Maintain high level of Quality competitiveness through continual improvement activities.
  • 4. Establish a Company wide Quality preventive action structure to minimize Quality failure.
  • 5. Ensure the availability& full support of human resources, specialized skills and financial resources
  • 6. Induce active and proactive performance by identifying training needs and providing an appropriate & adequate training system.

All employees shall be aware of the above policy and achieve our Quality goal.
We shall do our utmost to provide the Customer satisfying Quality.